Do you want to be socially involved in the world and help people in need?

If you want to use your manual skills to help people receive urgently needed medical aid, Annoor Sanatorium is the right place for you.

Annoor Sanatorium is a special clinic with about 40 beds in Mafraq, Jordan (Middle East). Annoor Sanatorium specialises in the treatment of tuberculosis, including the treatment of multi-drug resistant germs and care for patients with other cancers. In addition, Annoor runs an outpatient clinic for the local community five days a week. All services are provided according to World Health Organisation guidelines and at little or no cost to the patient. Annoor owns about 25 hectares of land on which, in addition to the hospital and day clinic, there are offices, a school, several apartment buildings and maintenance facilities. A large part of the land is cultivated with olive groves (about 800 trees), which are irrigated from two wells on the property.



Together with a team, you will help with the maintenance and upkeep of the entire grounds and assist with conversion and renovation work on the buildings. In addition, the maintenance of the vehicle fleet is also part of the team’s tasks. You can live out your passion for nature by maintaining the outdoor facilities and cultivating the olive grove. Use your gifts and skills to ensure that people receive urgently needed medical assistance and that the medical staff can rely on a functioning infrastructure.


Sebastian Irle