Social Service in Ecuador



You want to get involved socially in the world and help people in need?
Pan de Vida is the right project for you if you have a heart for fighting poverty and want to help where the need is great.

Pan de Vida was founded in 2000 to fight hunger in Ecuador. The focus here is on fighting poverty, because many people here suffer hardship and hunger.
The aim is to help them escape the poverty spiral. The aid projects are adapted to the needs of the local population. Currently, food is distributed, training opportunities are offered and emergency aid (e.g. after a natural disaster and refugee work) is provided. But people are also supported as far as possible in the areas of health and housing.



You distribute food and take care of the people who are looking for help. Your support is also needed in the organisation, preparation and implementation of the various health programmes. During disaster relief operations, you can be there for those in need and help on site.


Oscar Aguirre

Video from our partner “Pan de Vida”