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The Social Service Abroad offers you the unique opportunity to spend 6-12 months in one of our service locations abroad. During your time abroad, you will support our experienced local teams to alleviate need and suffering in the world and in this way make God’s love for people visible in a very practical way.

Do you have a heart for people in need and want to invest your time and skills to help them live a better life? You are enthusiastic about foreign cultures and languages and want to live your faith? Are you ready to embark on a real adventure? Then a “Social Service Abroad” might be just the right thing for you!

Your social service abroad is financially supported by the Ministry of Social Affairs (Austria), so that part of the costs are covered. If you are about to do your civilian service, you can also have your social service abroad credited as alternative military service.

Together with YOU we want to CHANGE the world …


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You have the following options to get to know our service oportunities:

  • Country: A click on the respective country shows you the local service opportunities
  • Category: Clicking on one of the 5 work areas will show you the service opportunities available in that category.
  • Country and category: Use the filter option to search for a service opportunity in a specific work area and country.


Social Service in Uganda St. Konrad You want to get involved in the world and help people in need? St. Konrad School is the right project for you if you would like to help young people (especially girls and AIDS/HIV orphans) from poor, rural areas to get an education and ...


Social Service in Argentina SIERRA Do you want to get involved in the world and help people in need? Sierra Dorada is the right project for you if you have a heart for children and young people from difficult backgrounds. Sierra Dorada was founded in 2000 and now consists of ...


SOCIAL SERVICE IN BOSNIA ZDRAL You have a big heart for children and are enthusiastic about putting together a colourful and varied children's programme? Do you love the German language and want to help children learn it? Then ZDRAL is the right place for you. The non-profit organisation Zdral in ...


Social Service in Chile ELYou want to be socially engaged in the world and help people in need?El Arca (the Ark) is the right project for you if you would like to serve immigrant families from Venezuela, Colombia and other countries. El Arca supports immigrant families who come to Chile ...

“Hilfe die ankommt” is a Christian diaconal work and a recognised sponsoring organisation for social service abroad. Our aim is to invest in young people who are willing to live charity and use their gifts in a practical way.

From the first letter of application to the preparation for your service and during the entire period of your service, we are there for you in word and deed and accompany you through the year of your life.

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Are you interested in doing social service abroad? Here you can find out what steps are necessary to start the year of your life.